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LP1 carrier, Puckapunyal. RSL Archives
LP1 probably at Puckapunyal. One of the easiest ways to distinguish these from British carriers is the truck type headlights.
Pic from Ric Cove's collection which has prompted many responses after I asked the MLU forum for a caption.. Coomandook, South Australia.

From Herr Pear (Las Vegas): (Sgt. to driver) NICE shortcut, private.
From Dave Cox (Sussex): The army heard that someone had invented a knitting machine---- The army heard that someone had invented a knitting machine----
Max Hedges (Yass): Oh bugger
Tony Smith (Lithgow): Right men! If we cover this vehicle with enough wire it ought to keep those damn restorers away for at least 60 years!
Graeme Jamison (Williamstown): Knit one,pearl two
Alex Blair (Ottawa): I know that dumb Lieutenant is missing and the last I saw of him he was wandering around last night with that roll of barbed wire...
Aaron (Canberra): I found an end does that help at all?
Bob Moseley (Adelaide):This is more of Keith's bloody microphone wire he left behind after filming "Year of the Blitz."
Lynn Eades (Tauranga, New Zealand): IN BREAKING NEWS...... Australian troops go into action against spider infestation in Eltham, Victoria.

"I once allowed a friend of mine to take a spin around his farm in my Mk. II U.C. and he promptly took out over 150 feet of newly installed fence when he drove through a gate and caught the right track on the first post.He was going ''BALLS TO THE WALL''when he went through and the fence was turned into about 3 or 4 hundred feet of ''cable'',( every inch of which wrapped in and around every bogie and track piece). It took about 3 hours work with a torch and diagonal pliers to rid the track of fencing. That wasn't the worst of it-he actually expected me to pay part cost to repair damage-(told him to piss-off naturally). Cheers,Cliff Ladouceur. "

Late production LP2A carriers in Western Australia. More info.
Benalla, 1998 (and right)
A Dozer conversion seen at Hassett's Uralla Military Museum in New South Wales in 2003. More pics here
Stackpools yard, Ararat, 1992. Some of the original WW2 camo paint is evident..
Australian War Memorial, 2000. This is a late production LP2A Western Australian built version. (Thanks to Tony Smith for the info).
ANZAC Day, Yass, 2002. Max and Johhn Hedges ex-AWM LP2A Carrier.
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