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Oodnadatta hulk.
Generally known as Bren Gun carriers in Australia, there are several distinct variations to be found here in Australia, mostly locally built, but also some imported versions.
By far the most common surviving today is the LP2A, (Local Pattern) built in a number of locations including Victorian Railways, South Australian Railways, Metropolitan Gas Company in Melbourne and Western Australian Railways.
The main variants built here are the machine gun carriers LP1, LP2 LP2A, 2 pounder tank attack carrier and the 3" Mortar carrier, which is extinct, there was also a tracked truck as well as experiments with conversion of CMP and MCP vehicles into half tracks.
Australian Carriers used Ford running gear.
Other variants to be found in small numbers are Lloyd carriers.
In New Zealand, the LP2A was manufactured by General Motors.
A wartime shot of a LP1 Carrier at Puckapunyal, Victoria. Late production LP2A Carriers produced in Western Australia. (via Jack McRoberts)
LP1 survivor seen in 1970s.
LP2 Carrier.